New Evening Trees Shrink Pots



Detail of the undulating rim of the shrink pot.

Like most things I make, work on shrink pots occurs in two stages — wet and dry.  After the pot has dried, I go over all of the surfaces again to leave a burnished and clean surface.  I’ve finished a few more “evening trees” shrink pots, this time in red maple.  It is harder than the aspen I’ve used for some, but I like the sharp contrast created by the cuts in the crisp white wood.  Which means I also needed to clean up the interior surfaces by slicing with a hook knife.  Its a little harder now that the bottom is in making it impossible to work from both ends, but I reach down as close to the bottom as I can.  I like the wavy rim, and it also provides some resting areas for various things that may lean against the inner edge.


The dimensions vary slightly, but they are around 3 1/4 to 3 1/2 inches in diameter and around 5 inches high, give or take.

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